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A whole lotta me.

As of the new year, there is apparently, a whole lotta me to love.

This post needs a little back-story.

I have spent my entire working life doing physical work.
I was a cocktail waitress/bartender for approx. 3 years, I worked construction, doing sheetrock, tape, texture and painting for approx. 8 years, then I moved to Alaska and started a new career in retail.
I worked sixteen years as a "working" Bakery Manager in a major grocery chain bakery,
I scratch baked, I threw freight (lots of it), I decorated cakes and I fried donuts (from 10pm to 6 am).
As I said I've worked very physically demanding jobs all of my life, until recently........
This is where it gets interesting......

Let me also mention that, after 30 years, I kicked the bad habit of smoking.
I quit smoking Oct. 22, 2007. My wonderful husband decides we should go into debt for 7 figures (which, by the way, I figured there was absolutely NO WAY this would ever actually happen) on or about January 15, and I quit my &…