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The Year of Jewelry Project 2014 ~ Week 4

Been keeping up with the projects but not with the blogging. It's OK. No one is perfect.
We all  have room for improvement☺
This is what I finished for Week 4 The jury's still out on the color choices
but they do match the colors in the focal bead 
I do really like the section at the end.  So much so that I am in the process of making a pair of earrings to match that section☺
Overall I would have to say that I guess I am pretty pleased with the finished product.

 I will have it in the store in the next day or two☺
While finishing this piece, I started playing with a chain maille pattern for a bracelet.
For Christmas I got a whole set-up for making my own jump rings (Thanks Honey!!)
So I have been playing around with the sizes and gauges and such with pre-made jump rings to see what I want to coil and cut. I like this pattern and I think I'm going to go two tone when I cut the jump rings, a combination of copper and silver.
I also have a leather wrap bracelet started  and …

I'm Alive!!!........and so is the new website☺ YAY!

It took me WAY longer than it should have, I'm sure, but the new website is up and running!

I'm pretty tickled with it☺
If you have a free minute, I'd appreciate it if you would
pop over and take a look.
Let me know what you think☺
For the YOJP Week 3,
I had something totally different in mind but I spent so much time
figuring out domain transferring and website building
that I did another wire wrapped pendant.
This one is sea glass.
It is a pretty simple wrap and it went relatively quickly so I was able to
post it on time...just under the wire☺
(ha! see what I did there)

and now... excuse me while my head explodes

I am not "techy". At all. Seriously. Not.
I have been asked by friends, family and customers if I  sell my "stuff" online. I do have an etsy store but I have never really sold anything from there. Partly because when I do have items listed I don't really promote them in any way, and partly because I don't really take the time to list very much (photographing, editing, uploading, adding descriptions, etc.) it's time consuming. I have a facebook business page, I'm up to 56 "likes"☺ I don't post to it on a regular basis like I should. I also have a website. It is horribly outdated and honestly, very unattractive~ as in UGLY.

Honestly, having all of those different things in different places just added to
the feeling that it was all just a real pain to maintain.
Too much, too spread out.

I finally decided to take the leap into the new and unfamiliar.

I have spent pretty much all day yesterday and today trying to figure out
how to use a ne…

all wrapped up

Did you know that 2013 is over??? Seriously...when did that happen and why did no one tell me!!??
The last few weeks of the year were kinda whirlwind~ish.
Me and my Honey took a vacation.  Together.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday. (The last time we took a vacation together,  longer than a 3 day weekend, was in 1998. Yep. Really.) It was only a week, but it was wonderful☺
Once we got back it was time to do some canning,  baking and prepping for Christmas at home and a lot of catch up from the time off   and getting ready for year end stuff at work.
Plus, I was a few weeks behind on my Year of Jewelry Project, (wha?? REALLY??   HaHaHa!!!) and I was determined to finish ALL of the projects.
And dammit! I did☺

Instead of boring you with pics of each of the 8 projects I had to play catch up with, I just made this awesome collage☺
I did sign up for the 2014 Year of Jewelry Project. I WILL finish all 52 projects again but I will not promise  that I will be more prompt in 2014. If you get a …