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obsessed..... again

Since learning the circular peyote stitch, I have completed two necklaces using it. the first one you can see here and here.
Then I was over visiting Dawn's blog As she was talking about learning a new technique making the "chain" part of the necklace, she mentioned that she used a stitch called a "russian spiral"  ( Thanks Dawn☺)  and since I love the spiral look, I had to find out how to make it. I hunted around on the net and finally came across a video tutorial. To me it was totally worth the cost, I learn so much quicker if I can actually "see and do". Step by step photos in a printed tutorial are good, but it is much easier for me to 'get it' if I can work along with the instructor as they explain each step. Especially when it comes to seed beads.
That was two weeks ago and I fell madly in love with this stitch. Once you get past the first three rounds you can do it without hardly thinking about it. It is the perfect  "curl up in the chair and watc…