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the hard work is done.....for now

If you've been around for a while, you may recall that last summer we did a little yard work☺ You can read a little about it here Essentially, we completely started over with our yard. The only section that we didn't complete was this one This is the area we tackled this year. So, on Mother's Day weekend we started.... Honey made 4 trips with this bad boy and we ended up with 20 yards of gravel. Let me tell you that is a lot of gravel folks☺
Well I shoveled and shoveled (and no, Honey doesn't shovel).
I have had very bad luck with delivered bulk top soil,  it always seems to be really poor quality, as in ~ nothing will grow:( so for these beds we went with a mix of "garden soil" and "potting soil" in the bags so the next day Honey went and got the first of the soil. 48 - 2cu ft bags. (those puppies are heavy when they are wet)
I shoveled all weekend and each day after work except this day Then on the next weekend this happened I decided to take a b…