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My finished project☺...and a tutorial review

Ok, so I showed you this earlier in the week Well..... I finished it☺ YAY! And it didn't take me six months☺
On the more complicated projects, I have a tendency to a) lose interest and set it aside or b) get distracted by another project  and forget about it for a while. Usually b☺
A few weeks ago I saw a picture of this bracelet on facebook
 with a link to the tutorial 

I bought the tutorial and
 ordered the beads and got to work.
The tutorial was very easy to follow
even for a novice beader like me. According to the tutorial the tension on the last couple of steps needed to be pretty tight in order for the last rows to sit right. No matter how hard I tried I could not get it to sit right. I'm going to chalk that up to my lack of experience and not the pattern, at least until I make another.  (which I will ~ there are so many gorgeous colors of these triangle beads☺)

My solution for getting the bottom to sit right.

Tube beads☺ This keeps the last row from flipping up.

The …