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it's happening again and there's nothing organized about this chaos

Now that the weather has turned  ~ less than nice, I am spending a lot more time inside and apparently I decided to trash the place......again. 
I have started on my bead soup project, but I have to admit that I am glad we are doing a 4 day weekend over Labor Day so that I have some quality time to spend. I really want it to be awesome;~)
I've been mixing alot of different colors of liquid clay that I  use for the 'glaze' on the 'faux ceramic' pendants and beads. I learned the hard way that depending on what I use to color the liquid clay,  the color can change dramatically once they are in the oven. So I made up some 'paint chips'  And....... since I don't have enough things going at one time, I wanted to try my hand at paper beads. I used some paper that I have had for years. I painted it years ago after watching Carol Duvall demonstrate the technique on her show. (see what I mean about years ago;~) 
I liked the way they turned out so much that I decided…