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Year of Jewelry ~ Week 10

There is actually a ton of stuff going on around here lately, so I have had stuff to blog about but no time to blog. Go figure☺
I'll have quite a few posts coming up very soon because Bead Soup Blog Party has begun! I'm in the process of creating a post about my partner and her soup! Look for that soon, but for today I only have time to post  my contributions for Week 10 of  The Year of Jewelry Project
This one is really similar to one I did last year. It uses one of my polymer clay beads. This isn't the one I had originally planned on submitting for this week but THAT one is quite a bit more time consuming so it didn't quite get finished. It also uses another one of my polymer clay beads  and copper but looks so, so different.
(I am so pleased with how it came out ~ you'll see in a day or two☺)
I am just putting the finishing touches on it while simultaneously  trying to finish the handmade components that will  be included in the BSBP soup I'm sending to my …