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New Listings

Just listed these. If you are interested you should go here☺ There are quite a few different steps involved in these but the actual 'rolling' of the beads has turned into quite a good stress reliever. I see more of these in my future☺

Little Update: The red ones were actually included in an Etsy treasury.
My first time EVER in a treasury!
But since I am TOTALLY not techno-savvy enough to figure
 out how to post a pic of the treasury you will
have to click here to see it☺

it's happening again and there's nothing organized about this chaos

Now that the weather has turned  ~ less than nice, I am spending a lot more time inside and apparently I decided to trash the place......again. 
I have started on my bead soup project, but I have to admit that I am glad we are doing a 4 day weekend over Labor Day so that I have some quality time to spend. I really want it to be awesome;~)
I've been mixing alot of different colors of liquid clay that I  use for the 'glaze' on the 'faux ceramic' pendants and beads. I learned the hard way that depending on what I use to color the liquid clay,  the color can change dramatically once they are in the oven. So I made up some 'paint chips'  And....... since I don't have enough things going at one time, I wanted to try my hand at paper beads. I used some paper that I have had for years. I painted it years ago after watching Carol Duvall demonstrate the technique on her show. (see what I mean about years ago;~) 
I liked the way they turned out so much that I decided…

Look what I got!

Let me just say that these are.... totally. my. colors! I love these!
I love that jasper heart focal and the toggle is awesome. I DO love me some copper;~) There is nephrite jade, more jasper, pearls, glass and more copper. These arrived yesterday, I was able to pick them up at the Post Office on my way home from work and I was so excited when I saw them that I have already started coming up with actual ideas of what I'm going to make. For me that is HUGE. I might actually have a finished piece by reveal day☺ In other news, we have arrived at "rainy season"  so sunny, warm days are going to be few and far between. The one plus side of that is that I spend a LOT more time inside at my clay table. And I miss my clay table. The flowers that I planted in my perennial garden did well. Especially well, considering  they were baby plants that were shipped throught the mail.
If they make it through the winter,  I may be well on my way to actually having that perennial garden☺ I got these lili…

BSBP ~ what I sent

They arrived! I just read that the Bead Soup that I sent to Shannon of has arrived, so I can now reveal what was in the package.
I wanted to make it as special as I could so I made everything myself. Polymer clay "Succeed" focal and beads, paper beads, itty bitty beaded leaves. Two clasps (the 'toggle' is reversible, the other side is stamped "try again") and various links and doodads all made from steel.

Bead Soup Sneak Peek

My Bead Soup partner is Shannon Hicks and until she receives the package I am sending out tommorrow, this is all I can show you;~) I started working on this on the 4th of August and just finished it TODAY. And I can't explain why it took so long until after Shannon receives the package.  Shh..... it's a surprise☺

Bead Soup Blog Party

OK.... The last couple of  "parties" I visited every single blog and saw
some gorgeous, GORGEOUS jewelry designs, and the whole time I was going from blog to blog I was thinking to myself,

"I wish I wasn't such a chicken. I could do this...I think....maybe".


"Yah right, you don't have the guts to do this. 
You struggle to come up with a design for something when you pick out the materials yourself and you usually end up making and re-making it a dozen times, then you're afraid to show it to anybody for months!"
"Not only that, but what would you send your partner?  Would it be good or would they think it was lame?"

I can be kinda mean to me sometimes.

So this last month when Lori announced that sign up was coming I decided that this time I was going to face my fears and just DO IT! 

Then five minutes later I promptly decided that there was NO WAY IN HELL!

Well, today was the first day for signing up and I am pleased (and…