Look what I got!

Let me just say that these are.... totally. my. colors!
I love these!
My Bead Soup from Shannon Hicks

I love that jasper heart focal and the toggle is awesome.
I DO love me some copper;~)
There is nephrite jade, more jasper, pearls, glass and more copper.
These arrived yesterday, I was able to pick them up at the Post Office on my
way home from work and I was so excited when I saw them
that I have already started coming up with actual ideas of what I'm going to make.
For me that is HUGE.
I might actually have a finished piece by reveal day☺
In other news, we have arrived at "rainy season"
 so sunny, warm days are going to be few and far between.
The one plus side of that is that I spend a LOT more time inside
at my clay table. And I miss my clay table.
The flowers that I planted in my perennial garden did well.
Especially well, considering  they were baby plants that were shipped throught the mail.

If they make it through the winter,
 I may be well on my way to actually having that perennial garden☺
I got these lilies from my Mom a couple years ago,
they seem to winter well.
This recent visitor didn't seem very happy to have his picture taken.
It took quite a few shots to get him, he was so busy eating that he was constantly moving
and every shot was just a moose blur☺

Oh, and I finally got some little green baby tomatoes.

There are actaully a TON of them on all four plants.
I am determined to have red ripe tomatoes before it gets too cold.
The first frost last year wasn't until mid September, so there is still time.
And since they are actually growing under the deck, I can 'tent' them if necessary.
I WILL have tomatoes;~)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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