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long week behind and ahead

Have you tried to refinance your home lately? OMG what a pain in the butt!
I don't even think we had to jump through this many hoops when we bought our business three years ago. The filling out and or gathering of paperwork (lots of paperwork),  the faxing back and forth.
All of it has been stressing me out a little;~(
But apparently we are now on the home stretch. The last email we got from our mortgage guy said all we have to do now is have our water tested to make sure it is drinkable (HUH?) and have our septic tested (?) It's not like we are just buying this house (and water) or selling it, we have lived in this house for 10 years and drank the water every single day and we're still standing,  but if that's what they need I'm all over it. And I'm not sure how they test a septic. In my experience it either works or it doesn't (eww). And ours does. But I guess I will see if I can find out who does that kind of thing and have it done.
On top of all of this crap, I woke …