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and now... excuse me while my head explodes

I am not "techy". At all. Seriously. Not.
I have been asked by friends, family and customers if I  sell my "stuff" online. I do have an etsy store but I have never really sold anything from there. Partly because when I do have items listed I don't really promote them in any way, and partly because I don't really take the time to list very much (photographing, editing, uploading, adding descriptions, etc.) it's time consuming. I have a facebook business page, I'm up to 56 "likes"☺ I don't post to it on a regular basis like I should. I also have a website. It is horribly outdated and honestly, very unattractive~ as in UGLY.

Honestly, having all of those different things in different places just added to
the feeling that it was all just a real pain to maintain.
Too much, too spread out.

I finally decided to take the leap into the new and unfamiliar.

I have spent pretty much all day yesterday and today trying to figure out
how to use a ne…