Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just a quickie.

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow, Sunday Feb. 14th,
♥ also Valentines Day ♥,
 is the last day to enter my OWOH giveaway for little Jasper here.

I will be closing comments when I get up on Monday morning,
 which is about 4am Alaska Time ☺,
 then after my shower and a cup of coffee,
I will be using the random number thingy to choose a winner. 
After another cup of coffee,  I will email the winner and do an
 "Announcement Blog"
to let everybody know what's up☺

In other news, I have been TOTALLY engrossed in a DIY re-purpose kind of thing.
  Also, I have really been trying to finish the 100 (MAYBE an exaggeration)  other projects I am currently working on.  Hopefully, I will be far enough into my DIY re-purpose thing
 to show you some pictures tomorrow.   
I really like it so far☺

Wish me luck!