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from my sister☺

Today was definately not my day. 
Considering the mood I've been in the last few weeks,
I could have done without being on hold with customer support at
 Quickbooks Online for 1 full hour this morning just to find out that the only people
that could fix my issue, which they caused, was the Advanced Support Dept.
and they only work 4 hours a day and I was told to call back this afternoon and since it involved filing my 940 form which is due by the end of this week I had no choice but to call back.
At 2:35 I started holding for customer support, they picked up at 3:10
just long enough to put me on hold to wait for Advanced Customer Support to pick up,
which they did at 5:15!
Yep, great service there at Quickbooks Payroll.
I did take the time out of my busy schedule of waiting to send them
 and email reassuring them that I was using my 'hold' time
constructively by spending some time researching which program
 I will be using when I cancel their ass!

Sorry, just a bit fr…


Ever feel like life in general is just spinning out of control?
I have been feeling like this for a couple of weeks now. I don't know if it all of the 'Year-end closing' I'm doing at work or  if it has to do with beginning the new year thinking about all of the things  I wanted to accomplish last year and didn't. We are also checking into a refinance, remodel, add-on thing with the house and that continues to get more and more complicated with the proposal, appraisal, building plans and proposed "as built" appraisal, etc., etc., etc.

I get this feeling now and then (thankfully, not too often). I'm not a control freak by any means, I just like to know that I have a say in what direction my life is taking, and organizing something, ANYTHING, seems to help when I feel this way. I guess it's kind of a way of being in control of SOMETHING.
So this weekend I spent my time organizing (and cleaning). VIGOROUSLY! I am actually quite sore but I feel a little less out of …


Rough week. Definitely ready for the weekend.

you would never guess in a million billion years, so that's why I'm gonna to tell you

Aside from crocheting a summer hat, because I am in  total denial of how much winter there really is left to come, I've been feeling very 'uncreative' lately. So this past weekend I decided I would just take the opportunity to clean up my 'area'. As I was putting away some of the items I had brought upstairs when I was in one of those "I could probably do something with this" moods, I had an idea.
Don't you just love hoops?
I love hoops☺ betcha can't guess where I got these perfectly lovely, perfectly round hoops. These even have a little texture. They are super duper lightweight and I just love them.

Where did I get them you ask?

TAA  DAA!!!!! Yep,  I bought several of these for stocking stuffers at  Target in the $1 bins and I had 1 leftover.
I cut a section leaving about an inch overlap, curled the ends in opposite directions and then snuggled them together.
I really like the way they turned out. They spin nicely and you can get like a kzillion of them  from 1 Slink…

What exactly is a Snarf?

A little bit of  random.....

My babies spend a lot of their time patrolling the floor for ANYTHING edible, ( then there is Lily who usually goes right for either paper towels, toilet paper or kleenex,  it doesn't matter which, just whatever is accessible ) but I digress... 
Anywhoooo.. when they are patrolling they make this sound.  It's not a simple sniffing sound,  it's more of a snort.  It's almost as if they have discovered something edible on an anatomical level  and if they sniff  hard enough they can separate it from the floor. The word I immediately think of is "Snarf" and yes it has a capital "S" in my brain. And you may be asking yourself "Why do you think of the word "Snarf" with a capital S?"
Well, 'cause it's actually a brain-tumbling-over-it's-self domino effect. 
 The actual first thing that comes to my mind is Dr. Seuss, 'cause the sound that comes out of the kids while they are patrolling is something I im…