What exactly is a Snarf?

A little bit of  random.....

My babies spend a lot of their time patrolling the floor for ANYTHING edible,
( then there is Lily who usually goes right for either paper towels, toilet paper or kleenex, 
it doesn't matter which, just whatever is accessible )
but I digress...
My baby Scoobie Doo

when they are patrolling they make this sound.  It's not a simple sniffing sound,
 it's more of a snort.  It's almost as if they have discovered something edible on an anatomical level 
and if they sniff  hard enough they can separate it from the floor.
The word I immediately think of is "Snarf" and
yes it has a capital "S" in my brain.
And you may be asking yourself "Why do you think of the word "Snarf" with a capital S?"

Well, 'cause it's actually a brain-tumbling-over-it's-self domino effect. 

 The actual first thing that comes to my mind is Dr. Seuss, 'cause the sound that comes out of the kids while they are patrolling is something I imagine a Dr. Seuss character would make and
I imagine that a sound a Dr. Seuss character would make would be called a
 "Snarf" with a capital 'S'☺

More random....

Last week it was 7° with a wind chill of -17°
This morning it was 42°



  1. I LOVE that my dogs "SNARF" especially when the granbaby is over and she throws her Cheerios!!

    Yes, WEIRD WEATHER this year ???? What's up with that?

    ~Have a great day,

  2. Even here in NY the weather has been weird...We had 10" of snow the day after Christmas, followed by temps in the upper 40s which melted just about all of it. It keeps getting colder than warmer...like it is practicing or something, LOL!

  3. "Snarf" I just like saying it over and over in my head. Good word!


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