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Year of Jewelry ~ Week 44 and a little ( i.e. HUGE) trip

I am, as usual, playing catch up on my weekly project. Sign-up opens Dec 1 and I think I want to sign up again for 2014☺ Glutton for punishment? Maybe☺
Chain Maille earrings. These worked up pretty quickly and they weren't as difficult  as I thought they would be. I got the free pattern here and I already had the jump rings left over from another project. The pattern is for a star but the Hubs said he thought it looked like a snowflake and I think I agree with him. I am currently three weeks behind and I don't think  I will be catching up in the next week or so cuz the Hubs and I  will be jetting off to.......... (wait for it) ~~~~~~~~~~

HAWAII !!!!!!
on Thursday morning (yep......Thanksgiving morning)
Yes... Thanksgiving Day 2013,  which coincidentally is the day after our  20th Wedding Anniversary (which is Nov 27☺) and  the day of my Birthday  (yep ~~ the big  50 happens on Nov 28)
(We were married the day before my 30th birthday, on purpose☺) Hubs always remembers. He may…