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Year of Jewelry ~ Weeks 35 - 41 ~ In other words "I am caught up!" HOOO HOOO☺

And I spent the weekend cleaning my work area and catching up on season 4 of  "The Walking Dead" on netflix. So my husband can now "walk" across the room to the window instead of tip-toeing.  ( I tend to spread (everything) out on the floor when I'm making stuff☺) So, I am feeling rather accomplished☺

 I'm actually pretty pleased with all of these guys, but I really love this one.
I kinda like these too☺
 I was hoping to get some new stuff listed in the store over the weekend but the disaster that I call "my area" was just too HUGE!  Whatever time that wasn't spent on laundry, vacuuming,etc was spent "putting away".
I am going to do a "shop update" soon. I'll keep ya posted☺