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Guitar Gal in the "Flesh"

Here goes my second try to do this post. I seem to have a real challenge with pictures and html. Well, here goes.... This is the list of specifics for my latest commission piece. Inspiration for this piece came from here. The most important things requested were the red hair and red lips, REALLY BIG red lips. Mick Jagger big.
And, of course, the guitar. It had to be an acoustic guitar rather than the electric used by "The Guitar Man".I don't know why, but I felt like she should have large eyes. It took SEVERAL tries to get something that didn't resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger at the end of "Total Recall". You know the scene.. the one where he gets sucked out into the bad atmosphere of Mars, right before the alien device fixes the air, and he's writhing on the ground looking like one giant face bulge.Well, enough of that.I think I finally came up with something that looks a little better than that.
She still looks a little bit alien but not as bad as Arnold :…