Tuesday, July 13, 2010

show and tell.....

Today felt a little like Christmas.

I had to go to town today for parts and tires for the shop, so I made the most of it and hit Michael's for the 50% off bead sale ;~)

I actually had a purpose for going, not just the compulsion to own more beads, though that probably factored in at some point in the decision making process, but I wanted to find the "perfect" beads to go with  this ~~~

I recently ordered a gorgeous focal bead from Julsbeads
It's that one right in the front.  It screamed at me as soon as I saw it!
!!! And now it's mine, ALL MINE!!!
MINE!!  MINE!!!  MINE!!!

( Ahem.  Sorry.) 

OK, anyway, I had a few worthy colors to go with this guy, but I really wanted to do this justice.
(And, just so you know, I am making this one for ME.)

So I went shoppin.


Obviously, I have no idea how I'm putting this together yet.
I'm not the type to rush,  (I used to be, but I think I finally got over that), so I can wait until they tell me exactly what they want to do ☺

When I got back to the shop from town today, I had a package waiting in the mail.
More beads from... yep...

Aren't they purty?♥
Even my husband, the "Do you really need MORE beads?" guy,  said..
"Oh wow,  those are nice."
For a snow machine fanatic, 4 wheeler freak, automotive tech, computer geek  that tolerates my obsession with all things pretty, that says alot☺
These beautys are destined to be rings, soon, with any luck.

And, I have started my new addition to the Melodia series....

Please remember that I know I CAN NOT draw.
So this is kinda what I am aiming for. ☺

This is where I am so far....

It actually took two hours to "sew" the wire to the mesh. 

 But I like how He is turning out;~