show and tell.....

Today felt a little like Christmas.

I had to go to town today for parts and tires for the shop, so I made the most of it and hit Michael's for the 50% off bead sale ;~)

I actually had a purpose for going, not just the compulsion to own more beads, though that probably factored in at some point in the decision making process, but I wanted to find the "perfect" beads to go with  this ~~~

I recently ordered a gorgeous focal bead from Julsbeads
It's that one right in the front.  It screamed at me as soon as I saw it!
!!! And now it's mine, ALL MINE!!!
MINE!!  MINE!!!  MINE!!!

( Ahem.  Sorry.) 

OK, anyway, I had a few worthy colors to go with this guy, but I really wanted to do this justice.
(And, just so you know, I am making this one for ME.)

So I went shoppin.


Obviously, I have no idea how I'm putting this together yet.
I'm not the type to rush,  (I used to be, but I think I finally got over that), so I can wait until they tell me exactly what they want to do ☺

When I got back to the shop from town today, I had a package waiting in the mail.
More beads from... yep...

Aren't they purty?♥
Even my husband, the "Do you really need MORE beads?" guy,  said..
"Oh wow,  those are nice."
For a snow machine fanatic, 4 wheeler freak, automotive tech, computer geek  that tolerates my obsession with all things pretty, that says alot☺
These beautys are destined to be rings, soon, with any luck.

And, I have started my new addition to the Melodia series....

Please remember that I know I CAN NOT draw.
So this is kinda what I am aiming for. ☺

This is where I am so far....

It actually took two hours to "sew" the wire to the mesh. 

 But I like how He is turning out;~


  1. I cannot WAIT to see that necklace finished~ what excellent colors and shapes you picked out. I might have to pretend I'm not jealous when you finish it.

    I love your's just the kind of thing I would color outside the lines. That's art, sistagirl!

    The new guy is going to be an excellent addition to the Melodia series.

  2. Thanks Juls, the new guy is actually looking alot like the drawing so far. I might be an arteest after all ☺
    I'm still trying to come up with a name, but it will have "key" in it some where for sure;~)
    I'm actually getting a little impatient about finishing the necklace, so the new guy may have to wait his turn.


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