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I like being me...

This is where I was today. We rode for about 3 hours.   It was a beautiful day.    It was overcast, but in the 70s ( here that's about as warm as it gets in the middle of summer, and we're just getting started ) and a nice breeze to keep the skeeters down.


This is Ruby Lake.  This picture shows end to end.
Here are a couple of loons that you can't really see. (By the way all pics on this post are courtesy of Honey, since I forgot to bring my camera)

A couple of stuffed animal friends over-looking the lake. (It took us the longest time to figure out what the heck these were.   We had to blow up the pics to see:)
One of THEE MOST AWFUL pictures ever taken of me,  but hey, it's not a beauty contest,  it's a ride. 
The Love of my Life. Not nearly as dirty as me, since he was in the lead.
We can ride our 4-wheelers right from the house, along the trails and be here within about 30 minutes.  Who can't just love that?

This is  King River shortly before it joins up with the Mat…

brand new

Meet our newest (and I mean REALLY new ☺) neighbors.
They are so FLIPPIN CUTE when they are babies!

Momma decided to take a short cut through our yard last night.  We guestimate these little ones were born earlier in the day.  One is still packin' his umbilical.
We are taking a four day weekend.  Today we are taking the 4 wheelers out.  Hoping to get a little riding in before it gets too crowded on the trails out here.  Then we will be doing yard work for at least a couple of days and hopefully a day of rest before going back to work.
Hope everyone has a safe, happy, relaxing, productive weekend!