brand new

Meet our newest (and I mean REALLY new ☺) neighbors.

They are so FLIPPIN CUTE when they are babies!

Momma decided to take a short cut through our yard last night.  We guestimate these little ones were born earlier in the day.  One is still packin' his umbilical.

We are taking a four day weekend.  Today we are taking the 4 wheelers out.  Hoping to get a little riding in before it gets too crowded on the trails out here.  Then we will be doing yard work for at least a couple of days and hopefully a day of rest before going back to work.

Hope everyone has a safe, happy, relaxing, productive weekend!


  1. Great pictures, and yes they are cute when they are small. Sounds like your weekend ahead is packed. Have a great time.

  2. Awwww! What cuties! Have a wonderful, safe, weekend!


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