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The Year of Jewelry Project ~ Week 6

 This project took me waaaay outside my comfort zone. I haven't really done any masculine jewelry. So when a fellow asked me to take this medallion and add a stamped copper bail, put it on a beefier braided "something" and add the two bears teeth,  one on either side,  attached somehow..... Oh and could I make the braid red and black... And it needed to be really tough cuz he is going to wear it pretty much all the time.....

I was a little nervous☺

I decided we needed to go with leather, so I pulled out the Kumihimo disk that I had to have a while back because it looked like  it would be fun to learn, and up to this point  had never been used and  found a tutorial on youtube and made a couple different sized braid samples for him to choose from.
(All I had was brown leather so I had to order the red and black.
Only proving that I obviously don't have enough supplies) He went with a 12 strand size  I needed something that would fit a braid made with 12 strands o…