The Year of Jewelry Project ~ Week 6

This project took me waaaay outside my comfort zone.
I haven't really done any masculine jewelry.
So when a fellow asked me to take this medallion and add a
stamped copper bail, put it on a beefier braided "something"
and add the two bears teeth,  one on either side,  attached somehow.....
Oh and could I make the braid red and black...
And it needed to be really tough
cuz he is going to wear it pretty much all the time.....

I was a little nervous☺

I decided we needed to go with leather, so I pulled out the Kumihimo disk
that I had to have a while back because it looked like
 it would be fun to learn, and up to this point  had never been used and 
found a tutorial on youtube
and made a couple different sized braid samples for him to choose from.
(All I had was brown leather so I had to order the red and black.
Only proving that I obviously don't have enough supplies)
He went with a 12 strand size

I snuck in some dark brown cord cuz I like the way it looked☺
I needed something that would fit a braid made with
12 strands of 2mm leather (it is definately beefy)
and I found this awesome clasp.
It is made for really thick greek leather cord.
It's magnetic and very cool.
Then I had to figure out how wide the bail had to be to fit the word Deadhorse,
(which is a town not an actual horse☺)
Thank goodness for aluminum cans!
I practiced A LOT!  I lost count of how many times I stamped
Deadhorse and only ruined one piece of copper.
Then I had to figure out how to attach the teeth.
Seeing all of the gorgeous wire wrapping that has been
 posted in the group  I decided to give it a shot.
I figured if it was a dismal failure I could always tie them on with leather cord☺
But after about 4 false starts and a few broken wires, I kinda like how they turned out.
After all, when you are wrapping teeth, who wants perfect ~  right?

I was still really nervous that it wouldn't be "right"
but I'm pleased to report that it is officially

 "Bad Ass"



  1. You may have been out of your comfort zone, but you did a fantastic job! Yup, officially Bad Ass! :)

  2. Mimi Gardner got it right... "bad ass"! You did a great job!! Love that you took pictures along the way!


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