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Year of Jewelry ~ Week 11... and eagles...

This weeks prompt was "Rescued from the Scrap Bin"

I have had this teardrop-ish pendant? in my scrap basket for a couple of years. I had tried my hand at creating some mokume-gane and I was squishing up the left over scrap clay and thought Oh! That's kinda pretty..
so I shaped it a little and baked it. Then I thought it looked a little plain and kind of odd shaped and didn't have a clue what to do with it☺ So it went in the scrap basket. I actually pulled it out of that little basket yesterday and decided to practice my wire wrapping. (Nothing like waiting til the last minute) I figured if it turned out crappy it could go right back where it came from☺ I obviously have a long way to go with my 'skills' in wire wrapping
But I don't think it has to back in the basket, but I still am not sure where to go with it from here☺ I'll come up with something eventually. lol!
I am almost finished with my wholesale order and in my spare time (HA!) I came up with…