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I think I have gone totally insane

I am 47 years old and have never 'successfully' canned anything in my life. Until now.
In the last month I have canned over 100 jars of jam. I made Blackberry Jam, Strawberry Rhubarb (good strawberry flavor, a little sweet) ~~then after altering the recipe for my taste~~ Rhubarb Strawberry (more rhubarb than strawberry and not too sweet)
Outside of strawberry rhubarb pie, I never really had any use for rhubarb until I found this recipe for rhubarb butter.
(You may have guessed that I have an excess of rhubarb. When we bought the house, it came with rhubarb;~) Anyway until now I always considered rhubarb to be pretty much sour celery, but the rhubarb butter is AWESOME. I've made two far. (FYI:   If you try it, it calls for 4# of rhubarb, the research I did says that  1 pound equals approx. 3 cups, she says you'll end up with about 15 -16 cups. I settled on 14 cups and called it good.)
Then after getting a case of apricots from these very sweet people. I made several batche…