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allow me to introduce you to Dorothy

I HAVE been doing more than just blog hopping over the last week or so;~)
I have made another batch of salsa. (My third since my canning addiction began) This one - I tweeked a few different recipes and came up with one I can actually call my own ~ and I like it☺

I have made (started) some cute (at least I think so) Owl beads 

As soon as I started making these, I started obsessing about making them two sided, so there was a face on both sides, in case they should spin around. Well, I'm forming each of these by hand, so when I go to try and make a face on the backside, I smoosh everything on the front side,  Sheesh! I guess I could make a mold? Holy Cow! Just Shoot Me! Why do I obsess about everything? After about half a kit (which is actually ALOT) of  Amazing Mold Putty (which I love!!!) later, I realized using the mold made them look ... well.. .molded.
And I totally prefer the more rustic look of the handmade ones☺
Now I just have to decide how I want to add the color ~ ink, paint, stain…