allow me to introduce you to Dorothy

I HAVE been doing more than just blog hopping over the last week or so;~)

I have made another batch of salsa.
(My third since my canning addiction began)
This one - I tweeked a few different recipes
and came up with one I can actually call my own ~ and I like it☺

I have made (started) some cute (at least I think so)
Owl beads

seen here amongst the paper beads still needing sealer☺

As soon as I started making these, I started obsessing about making them two sided,
so there was a face on both sides, in case they should spin around.
Well, I'm forming each of these by hand, so when I go to try and make a face on the backside,
I smoosh everything on the front side,  Sheesh! I guess I could make a mold?
Holy Cow! Just Shoot Me!
Why do I obsess about everything?
After about half a kit (which is actually ALOT) of
 Amazing Mold Putty (which I love!!!) later,
I realized using the mold made them look ... well.. .molded.
And I totally prefer the more rustic look of the handmade ones☺
Now I just have to decide how I want to add the color ~
ink, paint, stain or maybe all of the above☺
The next few days will tell.

I also (almost) finished this
The picture could and will definately be better, and I show it mainly because I have
 found a way to finish the ends that doesn't annoy me.
I love making these tubular peyote necklaces, mainly because they are pretty much
'mindless' once you get the first few rows going,
and I can curl up in my recliner in the evening and watch TV.
(I can't just sit~ my hands have to be moving)
But, when I get to the end I always have a problem finishing them.
When I try to close them off I always end up with 'puckered' ends.
Until I found a solution.

Obviously the inside of the "tube" is hollow, so you just thread a small bead,
that fits inside the "tube"
(in my case, a wooden tube bead)
on to an eye pin or head pin, stuff it into the end of the necklace
and 'gather' the end around the 'pin' with the line used to string the necklace
and tie off.
Make a loop in the wire and add your clasp☺
Easy~peasy and there is NO pucker! Love that!
I'm sure all of you beaders out there knew this trick already, but I was so excited
 about it I thought I would share anyway.
This wasn't my idea.  I got it off the internet,
 but I can't remember where right at this moment.
When I remember, I will share;~)

My favorite accomplishment this last week is this~~~
I have been seeing ALOT of photos of jewelry, scarves, etc.
being taken on some the coolest dress forms and, of course,
I found myself wanting one.

I couldn't justify buying an awesome, vintage, to die for dress form
that I had NO room for (but desperately wanted),
 so I started looking  for something a little more affordable.

I found  this!!!!

And I made

The fabric is not what I would have chosen had I gone out and bought it.
It was part of a stash of fabric I inherited when my Grandma passed,
quite a few years ago.
(Grandma's name was Dorothy)
It is heavy duty and pretty neutral-ish and
I'm pretty sure I am going to do some 'antiquing'
to it anyway.
If there are any ideas out there on how to add
an older vintage look, I'd love to hear!


  1. Now I love the fabric. It's not bland but it will show off any color necklace and you could change the whole look with a neck scarf.

  2. So very nice to meet you. Glad you found me so I could enjoy your awesome creative site.
    Looking forward to getting to know you.
    Your Dorothy turned out really nice. Nothing wrong with the material you used and I love those owl beads.
    Thanks for joining my site


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