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allow me to introduce you to Dorothy

I HAVE been doing more than just blog hopping over the last week or so;~)
I have made another batch of salsa. (My third since my canning addiction began) This one - I tweeked a few different recipes and came up with one I can actually call my own ~ and I like it☺

I have made (started) some cute (at least I think so) Owl beads 

As soon as I started making these, I started obsessing about making them two sided, so there was a face on both sides, in case they should spin around. Well, I'm forming each of these by hand, so when I go to try and make a face on the backside, I smoosh everything on the front side,  Sheesh! I guess I could make a mold? Holy Cow! Just Shoot Me! Why do I obsess about everything? After about half a kit (which is actually ALOT) of  Amazing Mold Putty (which I love!!!) later, I realized using the mold made them look ... well.. .molded.
And I totally prefer the more rustic look of the handmade ones☺
Now I just have to decide how I want to add the color ~ ink, paint, stain…

BSBP Reveal

As you may remember, this is the gorgeousness that I received.
Nephrite jade, jasper, pearls, glass and copper beads.
A gorgeous jasper heart focal and awesome copper clasp.
I used copper wire to add a wire wrapped 'bail' and added copper bead and wire dangles. I added some swarovski crystals from my stash for some sparkle
and did a little more wire wrapping on these gorgeous pearl sticks. I also added these coral cubes for a pop of color, and a couple of
handmade paper beads then mixed some coiled copper wire beads in
 with the jade, jasper and copper beads to finish it out.
I made the clasp using copper wire for the 'hook'  and copper tubing for the 'eye'☺
I'm very pleased with how this came out.
Now, the rules state that each Bead Soup participant  must use the focal and the clasp included in the soup that they receive but they don't have to be used in the same piece.
The clasp that came in my Bead Soup from Shannon was so pretty that I wanted it to be a vi…

Where I belong

I'm back home now.   Where I belong. The "kids" missed me and , apparently so did the hubs☺

It was awesome to see my sis and her hubby
 and of course, my Dad.  It has been a while.
(Plus it was in the nineties both days ~ LOVE  LOVE  LOVE it)
I'll have to make sure I go down there more often
and maybe stay a little longer than two days next time☺
It was kind of a whirlwind adventure and I'm glad it's almost the weekend.
I'm kinda tired.

I uploaded the photos of my FINISHED (yay) bead soup projects before I left (thinking that I might have a chance to put some words with them using the laptop while I was lounging at the hotel in the evenings ~ NOT;~)

So after work I will have to finish that post so I am ready
for the 'big reveal' tomorrow for The Bead Soup Blog Party Since I can't show you my finished Bead Soup until tomorrow
and I haven't had a chance to upload the pics from my trip
AND I hate having a post with no pics,
 I will show what happ…

Leeeavin' on a jet plane

Today I am on a plane. It was a spur of the moment kind of trip. Trust me, the last time I left the state was 2006.  And I got to see these people.
I am actually going to Idaho this time. (I was born and raised there) But these three people will all be in close proximity for about a week so I booked a flight and a room and a car. I am so excited! I will only be there for about 2 1/2 days but I am so excited! I am on my way to see (and hug) my best friend in the whole wide world! And her husband.. and our Dad☺ The funnest part ~ Dad doesn't know I'm coming;~)

Always remember

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God,  indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
There are very few days in my life that are as clear in my memory as that day 10 years ago. I remember........ I weep..... I hope....

Have you ever wondered why American Soldiers wear the flag patch  backwards on just the right side of their arm? The basic answer is: they are brave! This flag is symbolic of the men who used to march into battle with an actual flag.  So steady and strong that the flag would blow behind them. On the arms of our soldiers, the flag faces as if being carried into battle, blowing behind them.
To all of our servicemen and women ~ THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE
To all of our Police and Firefighters~ THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE
I  remember.