A little bit of randomness........

I've been keeping busy, how about you?
A lot has happened since the last time I posted. I won't apologize (again) about my lack of posting . I guess that is just ME☺
I've been gardening and making stuff (and cleaning - bleh)☺
Let's start with gardening. Gardening in Alaska in February and March starts in the greenhouse unless I was growing icicles☺ I started corn and basil super early. These were planted Feb 4. This is 2 weeks growth. I planted 1 tray each of tomatoes and peppers  on February 19th. The rest of my veggies got planted  on March 1st I will spare you the gory details of the many re-plantings☺ This is where we are today
This makes me so HAPPY☺ And the fact that it got into the forties today didn't hurt☺♥
In other news I did finish this ~ Super happy with how this turned out. I love moonstone! Also finished this~ I am even happier at how this turned out ♥
Then there are these ♥♥♥ I am madly in love here! ♥♥♥♥

They can hold business cards or photos in th…

A little bit of beading

I've actually been accomplishing quite a few things since I decided to take a break from YOJP. ~Not all jewelry related... just things I want to accomplish☺
I used a tutorial for this necklace (I changed it slightly from the instructions) I loved the way it looked but it wore really funky. The only way this was going to lay right would be if it was a choker.
Didn't like that..... So I reworked it☺
Much happier now.
It wears really nice now. Very comfortable☺ And I got to use one of my hoarded  JulsBeads focal beads☺ Win ~ Win! ☺

My first Beaded Tree.....☺

I've been wanting to try one of these for quite a while now but I have successfully talked myself out of doing it multiple times.
What if it's too hard? What if I try and it just looks like crap?!!
Well then just take it apart and try again☺ Just try.
So I finally did! And it turns out it wasn't as hard as I had been thinking. And it didn't look like crap. And I didn't have to take it apart:~) But I am going to try again. I got the larger stone when Hubby and I visited Utah (I think) It is rose quartz. I ordered some rose quartz chips to make the tree.  I had some, vague grand plans to wrap the "roots" around the large stone for the base but when it actually came down to  doing the attaching..... Um... no. All I did here was wrap the roots around the stone and staple  them to the wooden base. I covered the wire ends and staples with air dry clay then colored it with inks. I was going for a "moss" look. Not sure if I'm thrilled with that pa…

Wrapping up The Year of Jewelry Project 2016

Like I said before, I am going to be sitting out this year from The Year of Jewelry Project.
(It already feels weird when I see a notification that someone has posted:)
But I am really excited to be doing more with the clay again. goes.
This was my last contribution for 2016.
 I made it a two-fer☺
This pretty much sums up my New Year's resolution for 2017☺ But I am hoping to get into the habit of posting something, whether it is an "in progress" pic or a finished item or even an idea, at least once a week. I got this app called "Hootsuite" that is supposed to post to multiple social media sites at once. We'll see if I want to get that "techie" or not☺
2016 was actually a pretty good year for me (& mine) and I am ready to keep on keepin' on:~)

Bring on 2017!

Almost done with another year........

This was my fourth year participating in
The Year of Jewelry Project
I have one more project to submit for this year
and I will have completed all 52 weeks of all 4 of those years☺

Some years I have been caught up almost all of the year

And other years I have had to play catch-up for 6 to 8 weeks.

But I have successfully FINISHED at least 52 pieces
 and photographed and posted them.

I am pretty proud of myself for actually being able to
create pieces even when I wasn't really "feeling it"
or being super busy with other things.

But I felt it was a commitment I had made,
 even if it was really just to myself, and I was
determined to finish what I started☺

I have explored a lot of different techniques and mediums,
I have improved a lot in several of them☺
and I have gotten much better at the photographing of the pieces.
At least I think I have☺

I did not sign up to participate in the project for 2017.
I seem to have a lot less "spare time" than I used to have when

More of The Year of Jewelry.......

I may have mentioned before  that I pretty much suck at that thing known as social media☺ These last few weeks haven't seen any noticeable improvement  to that suck-age:~(
And in my last post I kinda sorta promised to be a little more chatty this time around aaaaaaaaaannnndd....... I lied. This is all I have for you today.

At least I made a couple of collages instead of inundating you with a hundred bazzillion pictures. Really just seven, but that can seem like a lot. No? If you want to see bigger individual pics you can go here. There are some really nice pieces by some very talented  jewelry artists in The Year of Jewelry Project
I'm not making any promises this time but maybe I'll actually have something to chat about next time and maybe next time will be sooner than  2 months from now.