Saturday, January 7, 2017

My first Beaded Tree.....☺

I've been wanting to try one of these
for quite a while now but I have successfully
talked myself out of doing it multiple times.

What if it's too hard?
What if I try and it just looks like crap?!!

Well then just take it apart and try again☺
Just try.

So I finally did!
And it turns out it wasn't as hard as I had been thinking.
And it didn't look like crap.
And I didn't have to take it apart:~)
But I am going to try again.
I got the larger stone when Hubby and I visited Utah (I think)
It is rose quartz.
I ordered some rose quartz chips to make the tree.
 I had some, vague grand plans to wrap the "roots" around
the large stone for the base but when it actually came down to
 doing the attaching..... Um... no.
All I did here was wrap the roots around the stone and staple
 them to the wooden base.
I covered the wire ends and staples with air dry clay
then colored it with inks.
I was going for a "moss" look.
Not sure if I'm thrilled with that part, but I consider
 the overall project to be a success.
Hubby was impressed:-)

The next tree I am already attempting is being made with jade chips
(Hubby's suggestion) and copper wire.
I'll keep you informed☺

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Wrapping up The Year of Jewelry Project 2016

Like I said before,
I am going to be sitting out this year

(It already feels weird when I see a notification
that someone has posted:)

But I am really excited to be doing more with the clay again. goes.

This was my last contribution for 2016.

 I made it a two-fer☺

No automatic alt text available. 
This pretty much sums up my New Year's resolution for 2017☺
But I am hoping to get into the habit of posting something,
whether it is an "in progress" pic or a finished item
or even an idea, at least once a week.
I got this app called "Hootsuite"
that is supposed to post to multiple social media sites at once.
We'll see if I want to get that "techie" or not☺

2016 was actually a pretty good year for me (& mine)
and I am ready to keep on keepin' on:~)

Image result for happy new year

Bring on 2017!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Almost done with another year........

This was my fourth year participating in
The Year of Jewelry Project
I have one more project to submit for this year
and I will have completed all 52 weeks of all 4 of those years☺

Some years I have been caught up almost all of the year

And other years I have had to play catch-up for 6 to 8 weeks.

But I have successfully FINISHED at least 52 pieces
 and photographed and posted them.

I am pretty proud of myself for actually being able to
create pieces even when I wasn't really "feeling it"
or being super busy with other things.

But I felt it was a commitment I had made,
 even if it was really just to myself, and I was
determined to finish what I started☺

I have explored a lot of different techniques and mediums,
I have improved a lot in several of them☺
and I have gotten much better at the photographing of the pieces.
At least I think I have☺

I did not sign up to participate in the project for 2017.
I seem to have a lot less "spare time" than I used to have when
I signed up that first year and I miss spending time playing
with clay and I know that if I sign up again I won't be able
to just "let it slide" if I don't have time to keep up.
(I have a tendency to beat myself up over pretty minor sh*!) 
So I will take a year off from the project
and allow myself to just spend time experimenting
without a deadline.
 I'm really kind of excited about it☺