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I honestly cannot bring myself to stay in the house and clay.  I have tons of ideas.  But up here the weather is very, very  unpredictable, ( the weather predictors try and usually fail miserably, but at least they try ☺ ) so if the sun is shining, ( which it has been the last week and a half, and they have been predicting RAIN for the last 3 days ☺) I have to be outside.  Summer is short in these parts, and in the summer, I only clay when it rains!
Here  I am half way done clearing 'treelings' and a very few weeds that have grown up in the garden.  We have surmised that the soil that we had brought in 3 years ago, was somehow 'sterile'.  Absolutely nothing, including dandelions, would grow in this dirt.  So, we are having new topsoil brought in and we are building it up another few inches, and I am DAMNED determined to grow something in here!
Keep ya posted☺