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my weekend... success?

This weekend I had about a weeks worth of projects that I wanted to accomplish. Did I accomplish all of them? HA! NO! Did I expect to? No☺
I did work on some MORE bee pendants. I am experimenting with colors and finishes and I like what I have so far.
I finished a necklace that I think is probably my favorite EVER ..... so far☺

I can honestly say that I have never shopped for specific beads for a specific project
(except for a bead weaving pattern I bought. Delica beads.
 Dang they are TINY. Talk about a lot of work...whew☺)
until I received this heart focal from StudioJuls
and I knew I wanted it to be superduperspecialextragorgeousawesome!

So I took my gift card I got for Christmas (Thanks Mom!)
and got me some goodies from Fire Mountain.
I have fallen in love with Swarovski crystals
(aren't they perty?)
and I discovered swarovski pearls too,
cuz they were just the perfect cream color to go with my focal.

And a grab bag of copper spacers a bead caps came in very handy.
I love…

I think I'll do another Random Wednesday post...

I had to drive to Anchorage today for a "parts run" and office supplies and since I had quite a few Office Max rewards points built up I thought I would treat myself to a new camera. I wanted something itty bitty that I could carry around in my small-ish purse so that I would have it handy for the occasional 'awesome sunset' or 'beautiful mountain view' that I get rewarded with on my way to or from work because I have learned that I am apparently incompetent when it comes to taking pics with my phone. Which is not a smart phone, by the way, because smart phones are apparently smarter than me and I get annoyed.
Sooo, anyhoo, I found the cutest itty bitty Nikon Coolpix s6100 and I love it. So far I seem to be winning in the smart department AND it fits in my purse☺
And since the battery had some juice I took a few pics...  This is the pile of snow in the lot of the building next to the shop. They have already had snow hauled away once this year (we've h…

HELLO 2012

I have a really GOOD feeling about 2012. Yep. A really good feeling☺