I think I'll do another Random Wednesday post...

I had to drive to Anchorage today for a "parts run" and office supplies and since I had quite a few Office Max rewards points built up I thought I would treat myself to a new camera.
I wanted something itty bitty that I could carry around in my small-ish purse so
that I would have it handy for the occasional 'awesome sunset' or 'beautiful mountain view'
that I get rewarded with on my way to or from work because I have learned that I am apparently incompetent when it comes to taking pics with my phone.
Which is not a smart phone, by the way, because smart phones
are apparently smarter than me and I get annoyed.

Sooo, anyhoo, I found the cutest itty bitty Nikon Coolpix s6100 and I love it.
So far I seem to be winning in the smart department AND it fits in my purse☺

And since the battery had some juice I took a few pics...

This is the pile of snow in the lot of the building next to the shop.
They have already had snow hauled away once this year
(we've had ours hauled away twice SO FAR)

Walmart has their greeters and we have Duke☺

His eyes aren't really that scary, but look at the size of those precious ears!
Duke 'owns' one of our technicians and insists on coming to work everyday
so he can keep us and the customers company.
He has got the sweetest and most mellow temperament I have ever seen and
there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING he likes better than chasing
a 'shiny' (a laser light).
(We didn't have one at the shop, so we got him one for Christmas).

I tried it out on the way home.
This is part of the view you get while driving across "The Flats"
Absolutely beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, but it is cold.

Me, my new camera and the temperature gauge in the rear view mirror.
Yes, you DO see a little MINUS sign in front of the 12.
It has been below zero for days now and they don't see an end to it any time soon,
and since February is traditionally the coldest month of the year,
I. am. frightened.
(Have I mentioned I hate being cold?)

Why I should NOT be taking pictures while I am driving.
The last 15 or so miles of the road on my way home still looks like this.
( I wasn't looking in the view finder BTW, I just held the camera up and clicked a few times)
Like I said, I'm liking the new camera, so far☺

I have been getting back into the clay
(I have missed it so much)

I have been working on filling a special order.
I love the way they turned out, and considering it is my first day
 with this camera the pics turned out OK too☺

Also been working on some new pendant sets.
Been working on different colors and finishes.
Not thrilled with this pic and I don't know yet how I feel about the
'white-wash' on the one on the right,
but the experimenting can go full throttle
now that I have finally finished all of the pins for the order☺

Well, I do believe this post was pretty random.


Have a great rest of the week☺


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