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the new love of my life ;~)
How could you not be totally in love with someone that is  THAT happy??
Sir Whitekeysis from Melodia.  He was born and raised in the Stringdom Region, but since receiving his knighthood, he has traveled the country attending all of the best parties.
In addition to being a knight, he is known all over the country, as the  Ambassador of Joy.
He's not a big fellow, but he certainly can command a room.
(He's also VERY shiny and difficult to photograph;~)
And a peek at my newest W.I.P.
Now that I see him again in the pic, I think he looks like he is a "Wip" What do you think?
PS: If I do any more this small, the nails will have to be cut back.
~Thought for the day~ Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we might as well dance.