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Update on the greenhouse, better late than never☺

(Warning: Lots of pictures☺)
If we are on Facebook together,  you may have already seen some of these☺
Back in April I posted a bit about our progress on  the building of the greenhouse then I got so busy finishing and filling it, then getting the garden beds ready  and planting them, (plus, making manyearrings)  that I just plain didn't have time for more updates until now☺
You can see where I left off here.
We had to wait about 4 more days before we had a calm "window" of no wind (which lasted about 2 hours)  before we were able to get the roof panels in.
After that, I installed the shelving (all by my self ~ yay me☺)
 It was snowing outside
 But, even with just a little electric heater, (running off an extension cord)  it stayed plenty warm enough to work inside. Once I had the shelves in, Honey put in the electrical 
 and then installed a propane heater ~ it's pretty sweet☺ We were just going to run it off of a regular small propane tank.  Then Honey surprised …