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a little look around......

Thought I would show you a little of my "area". This is actually my kitchen. (I know what your thinking," That couldn't possibly be the kitchen it has a stove and fridge." DUH, right?)

Anywhooo... ignore the mid-week clutter on the counter and zero in on that hard to spot 'LADDER IN THE MIDDLE OF MY KITCHEN' Stairway to Heaven?? Not.But it does take me to my happy place. ☺ Welcome to "The Loft", otherwise known as my area, the office, my clay table, my "Studio"
or simply, MY HAPPY PLACE☺ The entire floor space is about 15' x 20' but with the pitch of the roof, usable space is a little limited. The pic above shows an over view of the "office" side of the loft. On the right is the opening where the ladder is. Hand rails. Safety first. It pretty much cuts the room in half on the one side. And, yes, there are two computer monitors there on the left. Two printers, too. Long story. Might get into it someday.

~~And this s…