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YOJP ~ Weeks 13, 14, 15 and a garden report

I've been keeping up with the making of projects and the posting of projects but haven't had a lot of time to blog about projects or anything else for that matter. You'll see why shortly☺
Lets get right to it ~ Did a quicky wrap bracelet for Week 13
Did these little cuties that  match my Week 12 project (mainly because I hadn't taken the time to sort and put away the beads☺)
Then these for Week 15 All of the components in these were part of one of the Bead Soups that didn't get sent off.
Now for the garden report. I am trying to plant most of what I am putting in my raised beds  this year from seed. Keep in mind that this is my third year even trying to grow vegetables. The first year was just in the greenhouse. Then last year we put in some raised beds and I think they did very well.
This year we're adding more beds In addition to the 10 ~ 2x8 beds we already have  we will be putting in 6 ~ 4x8 beds I'm SO excited (and I know by the end of summer I will b…