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very productive weekend.....

You are probably tired of hearing about the greenhouse  but I gotta share....It is summer after all;~) Time for all things 'gardening'☺ Since I wasn't keen on having a hose stretched across my driveway all summer or having to stretch it out every time I needed to water the greenhouse, I installed a rain barrel. Already .....LOVE.....IT! It rained all day yesterday and we had to empty some water a couple of times. May have to install an overflow spigot before long☺
Saturday was cool and cloudy but I was able to put these 
Here Here
And a few here. (This is the perennial garden and I just add a couple new ones each year and hope for the best) Many of the ones planted last year are coming back☺
Once I got the annuals out of the greenhouse it was time to rearrange and get ready for tomato and pepper production (I hope). I don't know if I could be more excited...
I have 26 Roma tomato plants that I planted from seed.
6 Serrano pepper plants and 9 Jalapeno plants al…