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I have been extremely f***ing uninspired the last couple of months. As you could probably tell by the major lack of posts lately;( After all of the yard work was done for the year, the weather got (stayed) crappy. *i.e. Record snow fall last winter, a late spring, coldest July on record, earliest snow fall that I can remember in the 20 years I've been here Sept. 30th* Other stuff happened and I just haven't wanted to do much "making", but the last couple of weeks I have felt almost desperate to make something ~anything. But I just couldn't get interested in starting anything. So I decided to do some more of these. And I just couldn't come up with a good color combo that I liked,
(yea, I know, I'm tired of the whining too. And I am totally done with it except to say that it has been raining for a solid week and hot flashes suck! OK, I'm done)
So I went here, go there, you need to go there. And I found this
 And I made these   It helped;~)