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Yea, baby moose and bunny rabbits are adorable until........

This belongs to my newest neighbor. This new neighbor apparently already knows what he or she likes.

Notice anything missing here?

Or here?
At least, it seems they don't much care for banana plants, now that they have tried them.
But all of these plants have fared better than the cauliflower I planted, just to see if I could grow it.
(Used to be a cauliflower plant.)
  Just thought I would help in case it wasn't perfectly obvious that 
 this was obviously a cauliflower plant.

I planted 6 of these.
  I figure I should be able to grow a vegetable or two considering I live about 20 miles from
↓ here ↓

This one, as in ONE AND ONLY, might make it if the cute, cuddly, fuzzy, @#%#@   bunnies don't come back for seconds;~(