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LAST HEART.............I PROMISE !!!

I really did try to work on the head today. (I had to stay home from work today, so that someone was here for the satellite guy to come check out our "positioning". Hubby is having problems with some HD channels. But thats another blog entry.)
Anyway, I had an extra day off (darn), so I thought I would really get to work on the figure I'm supposed to be making for my friend's daughter. (Thank goodness her birthday isn't until March.)

I did make 4 different heads. Didn't like 'em. Squished 'em. End of story.........
For today.

I decided it was time to finish "Heart Guy".
Who is "Heart Guy", you ask?

Well, let's start at the beginning.

First, you have to imagine a light bulb. Then a light bulb with foil wrapped around the small end that screws into the socket. Then a light bulb with foil, covered completely with Sculpey Light. (You have to imagine this, because I forgot to take pictures of those steps) Which brings us to this "strang…