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from my sister☺

Today was definately not my day.  Considering the mood I've been in the last few weeks, I could have done without being on hold with customer support at  Quickbooks Online for 1 full hour this morning just to find out that the only people that could fix my issue, which they caused , was the Advanced Support Dept. and they only work 4 hours a day and I was told to call back this afternoon and since it involved filing my 940 form which is due by the end of this week I had no choice but to call back. At 2:35 I started holding for customer support, they picked up at 3:10 just long enough to put me on hold to wait for Advanced Customer Support to pick up, which they did at 5:15! Yep, great service there at Quickbooks Payroll. I did take the time out of my busy schedule of waiting to send them  and email reassuring them that I was using my 'hold' time constructively by spending some time researching which program  I will be using when I cancel their ass! Sorry, jus