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Weather, Weather, Weather

I love where I live............. most of the time.

My daily commute is about 45 miles each way. And I hate driving in the winter.
The bad cold front that is sitting over the lower 48 right now spent almost 2 weeks parked over us until about 3 days ago. Most of the time I consider the super cold weather to be kind of a trade off.

I love snow, but I hate driving in it and when it gets REALLY cold the roads have a tendency to "freeze dry". After the first day or two, between the sanding and the traffic the highways are usually down to dry pavement. So, it may be cold, but at least you can commute to work without being one giant knotted up nerve when you get there.This last cold spell didn't work out that way. Almost everyday we had ice fog, so every nicely rutted section of highway that normally makes me nervous, TERRIFIED me. (Some of those ruts will suck you in and spit you out the other side so fast you won't know what got ya).
Now, over the course of less than 48 hou…