my weekend... success?

This weekend I had about a weeks worth of projects
that I wanted to accomplish.
Did I accomplish all of them?
Did I expect to?

I did work on some MORE bee pendants.
I am experimenting with colors and finishes and I like what I have so far.

I finished a necklace that I think is probably my favorite EVER
..... so far☺

I can honestly say that I have never shopped for specific beads for a specific project
(except for a bead weaving pattern I bought. Delica beads.
 Dang they are TINY. Talk about a lot of work...whew☺)
until I received this heart focal from StudioJuls
and I knew I wanted it to be superduperspecialextragorgeousawesome!

So I took my gift card I got for Christmas (Thanks Mom!)
and got me some goodies from Fire Mountain.
I have fallen in love with Swarovski crystals
(aren't they perty?)
and I discovered swarovski pearls too,
cuz they were just the perfect cream color to go with my focal.

And a grab bag of copper spacers a bead caps came in very handy.
I love copper!
When I was throwing caution to the wind and ordering this gorgeous focal because I had to have it, even though I have drawer full of handmade lampwork beads by the same wonderful artist
I also 'had to have' another set that just seemed to 'belong' with the focal.

Then, since I really love copper,
I made a toggle clasp
And here it is.
My favorite jewelry creation so far☺
BTW, Honey likes it too...cuz it's symmetrical.
 He's got this thing about symmetry☺


  1. WOW - truly stunning piece. Love what you did with the focal from Juls. Absolutely stunning!!!

  2. Pat,
    Your necklace is gorgeous and you highlighted Juli's lamp worked heart perfectly. I love the clasp you made too.


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