you would never guess in a million billion years, so that's why I'm gonna to tell you

Aside from crocheting a summer hat, because I am in
 total denial of how much winter there really is left to come,
I've been feeling very 'uncreative' lately.
So this past weekend I decided I would just take the
opportunity to clean up my 'area'.
As I was putting away some of the items I had brought upstairs
when I was in one of those
"I could probably do something with this" moods,
I had an idea.

Don't you just love hoops?

I love hoops☺
betcha can't guess where I got these perfectly lovely,
perfectly round hoops.
These even have a little texture.
They are super duper lightweight
and I just love them.

Where did I get them you ask?

TAA  DAA!!!!!
Yep,  I bought several of these for stocking stuffers at
 Target in the $1 bins and I had 1 leftover.

I cut a section leaving about an inch overlap,
curled the ends in opposite directions
and then snuggled them together.

I really like the way they turned out.
They spin nicely and you can get like a kzillion of them
 from 1 Slinky.

By the way, I didn't get my 'area' cleaned up,
in fact I think I made it worse.
I told my Honey that I don't know why I torture myself by
working smaller as my eyesight gets worse and he asked why I wasn't using
my lighted magnifier (which I love!) and I had to tell him the truth.
I have so much crap (supplies) piled up on the table in front of the magnifier
that I can't get to it right now☺


  1. I would never have guess that they were slinky rings--great creativity. I know just how you feel about not being able to get to things on your work desk! After months of just letting things pile up which I was creating, my creativity went out the door. I cleaned up & it is back!


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