and now... excuse me while my head explodes

I am not "techy".
At all.
Seriously. Not.

I have been asked by friends, family and customers if I
 sell my "stuff" online.
I do have an etsy store but I have never really sold anything from there.
Partly because when I do have items listed I don't really promote them in any way,
and partly because I don't really take the time to list very much
(photographing, editing, uploading, adding descriptions, etc.)
it's time consuming.
I'm up to 56 "likes"☺
I don't post to it on a regular basis like I should.
I also have a website.
It is horribly outdated and honestly, very unattractive~
as in UGLY.

Honestly, having all of those different things in different places just added to
the feeling that it was all just a real pain to maintain.
Too much, too spread out.

I finally decided to take the leap into the new and unfamiliar.

I have spent pretty much all day yesterday and today trying to figure out
how to use a new web hosting service.
(it's getting a little easier all the time and even Hubby is impressed by how it looks)
I am currently just playing with the 14 day free trial but I am pretty sure
it is the one I will switch to.
It includes website, blog, store, galleries and
you can link facebook, twitter, flickr etc.
And from what I understand, I can link this blog with the new one.
That will be awesome, if I can figure out how to do it right☺
(New site has 24/7 tech support so if it can be done I should be able to figure it out~ with help)
Switching to a new website while keeping your domain name is supposed to be easy
unless your domain name is hosted at Yahoo={
Seriously, none of the screen shots in the help section looked anything like what
I was finding when clicking where they told me to! ARGH!

So, since I am taking the leap into new and unfamiliar,
I am transferring my domain to a different host
cuz Yahoo, ya pissed me off.

Now I just have to wait the 24 - 72 hours that it takes
to complete the switch to see if I did that right. LOL!

Lots of new stuff will be happening soon☺
And now, since I can't seem to write a post without pics,
I will leave you with a couple of shots from the new
Year of Jewelry Project.

I posted Weeks 1 & 2 on time.
So far so good☺

And now ... please excuse me while my head explodes.


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