Bead Soup Blog Party


OK.... The last couple of  "parties" I visited every single blog and saw
some gorgeous, GORGEOUS jewelry designs, and the whole time I was going from blog to blog I was thinking to myself,

"I wish I wasn't such a chicken. I could do this...I think....maybe".


"Yah right, you don't have the guts to do this. 
You struggle to come up with a design for something when you pick out the materials yourself and you usually end up making and re-making it a dozen times, then you're afraid to show it to anybody for months!"
"Not only that, but what would you send your partner?  Would it be good or would they think it was lame?"

I can be kinda mean to me sometimes.

So this last month when Lori announced that sign up was coming I decided that this time I was going to face my fears and just DO IT! 

Then five minutes later I promptly decided that there was NO WAY IN HELL!

Well, today was the first day for signing up and I am pleased (and terrified and a little nauseated) to say I signed up!

I know at least one thing that is stronger than my fear of putting myself  'out there'.... My NEED to follow through on ANY kind of commitment.

I've commited .

So...Let's DO THIS☺


  1. I'm right there with you...but I am still just a watcher! LOL!

  2. You will do awesome!! So proud of you. I'm like Debbie though...I'm with you but as a watcher.hehe


  3. Yay! I am so looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Last one was my first and I loved it. I totally had to work outside of my zone and it was so good for me.


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