obsessed..... again

Since learning the circular peyote stitch,
I have completed two necklaces using it.
the first one you can see here and here.

Then I was over visiting Dawn's blog
As she was talking about learning a new technique making the "chain"
part of the necklace, she mentioned that she used a stitch called
a "russian spiral"
 ( Thanks Dawn☺)
 and since I love the spiral look, I had to find out how to make it.
I hunted around on the net and finally came across a video tutorial.
To me it was totally worth the cost, I learn so much quicker if
I can actually "see and do".
Step by step photos in a printed tutorial are good, but
it is much easier for me to 'get it' if I can work along with the instructor
as they explain each step. Especially when it comes to seed beads.

That was two weeks ago and I fell madly in love with this stitch.
Once you get past the first three rounds you can do it without hardly thinking about it.
It is the perfect
 "curl up in the chair and watch TV in the evening"
 kind of thing.
My progress so far..
The blue one on the right is the second one I made using the tubular peyote stitch.
(I wore it last week and it is so comfortable and looked great with a denim shirt☺)

The green and gold one on the left was my first try with the russian spiral.
I used #6 and #10 cuz that's what I had;~)
Of course I had to make a quick trip to the bead store (poor me)
and pick up some 8/0 and 11/0 cuz that's what the instructor was using in the tutorial.
I was worried that using the smaller beads would make it more difficult.
It's still 'curl up easy'.
The one up front is my 'in progress' one using the 8/0 and 11/0 beads.

I was able to tear myself away from the beading yesterday long enough
to pay bills and organize my office area. 
 With the last several weeks of "retreiving this information" and "looking for that document"
for our re-finance the area has really suffered.

(Those of you who have been here awhile may have wondered
 "Why all the frustration with a simple re-finance?"
We were in a 8% ARM that was getting ready to adjust.
It wasn't going to be pretty.)

We FINALLY closed on Friday afternoon.
We are officially re-financed.
(There was "Patron" at my house on Friday)

And to continue the celebration today,
I will be cleaning and organizing my studio area so that I can remind myself
that there really is an attractive wooden table there somewhere.

I'll be aiming for something close to this.....
Wish me luck!


  1. Congrats! I'm sure you're glad the refinance is now a done deal! The necklaces are really pretty!


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