The Year of Jewelry Project 2014 ~ Week 4

Been keeping up with the projects but not with the blogging.
It's OK. No one is perfect.
We all  have room for improvement☺

This is what I finished for Week 4
The jury's still out on the color choices

but they do match the colors in the focal bead 

I do really like the section at the end.  So much so that I am
in the process of making a pair of earrings to match that section☺

Overall I would have to say that I guess
I am pretty pleased with the finished product.

 I will have it in the store in the next day or two☺

While finishing this piece, I started playing with a chain maille pattern
for a bracelet.

For Christmas I got a whole set-up for making my own jump rings
(Thanks Honey!!)

So I have been playing around with the sizes and gauges and such
with pre-made jump rings to see what I want to coil and cut.
I like this pattern and I think I'm going to go two tone
when I cut the jump rings, a combination of copper and silver.

I also have a leather wrap bracelet started 
and the beads and cord picked out to start another macrame bracelet
and I really need to make the time to
sit down and make some more polymer beads.

Another 10 - 12 hours in a day would be great!


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