Year of Jewelry ~ Week 43

OK, I have posted 3 times in a week...Hmmmm
I could say I'm trying to get better at posting more regularly
but that's not necessarily the case.
I am, however, still playing catch-up on this
The project is currently at week 46,
I am posting week 43 today.
Not too far behind☺
I am SO glad to be finished with this bracelet!
I started this months ago.....the first time.
I have torn this apart and restarted it 5 TIMES!  Aarg!!!

None of them were good enough and each one I liked less than the previous one.
Looking back, I honestly believe the first try was the best one.
I like this last try least of all, but I am NOT DOING IT AGAIN!

I absolutely LOVE the focal,
another gorgeous bead from JulsBeads

(Pssst.....She's having a sale in her Etsy Shop, by the way☺)
and I like the colors of the accent beads, but that's about it.

The rest of it, I'm not loving.

Except for the fact that it is finished.
I'm seriously just tired of looking at it. lol!
Time to move on........


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