just cuz

Just cuz..
I have a ton of different things I want to be working on in the clay
 department... and a ton of rings I want to wire wrap
and a ton of life getting in the way.
Just cuz..
I have a small blank wall in my bathroom  that I stare at
every morning while I'm brushing my teeth and planning my
day in my head, which almost always makes me loose track
 of how long I have been  brushing my teeth.
Thank goodness I have one of those Oral B brushes. 
 I have one that actually does a weird little buzz-buzz-buzz
every two minutes.  I guess that's to help tell you if you are
 brushing long enough but some mornings that little sucker goes
 buzz-buzz-buzz three or four times. 
Then if I try to remember if I've gotten
 the front AND back of the top AND bottom and I can't
remember where I started then I do a quick ALL OVER
just to be sure.
You can laugh, but I haven't had a cavity in over thirty years ☺

Back to our regularly scheduled program.

Just cuz..
I already had some clay mixed to colors that came
 close to matching the colors in my bathroom.

Just cuz..
I love this saying and I think everyone should do this

I made this.
To hang on the wall in my bathroom that I stare at
every morning when I loose track of how long I have
been brushing my teeth☺

Just cuz..

I seem to be sadistically tracking how much daylight we
are losing  (It's OK, I do it every year and I still live here)
I took a couple of pics today.

If I had the time stamp turned on on my camera,  which I don't
cuz it really gets annoying if you're taking pics of jewelry,
the time stamp would tell you that this was taken at 4PM today.

This one was taken at 4:30 PM today
and by 5:15 it was pitch black
(and yes that stuff laying on the ground is snow,
it's been here since Oct. 26th).

We will continue to lose daylight until Dec.21.
At which time everybody in Alaska does a happy dance!

And we start gaining daylight until the middle of summer when
newbies complain about having to put tin foil on their windows
so they can sleep at night.

God, I miss summer;~)

A common misconception about Alaska’s winters is that it is dark all the time, all winter long. While Alaska’s winter days are short, as happens in all northern locations, not even Barrow experiences total darkness on the shortest day of the year. Rather, winter days in Alaska, particularly above the Arctic Circle, are filled with soft, warm light and the sky is often a pastel pink all day long. Imagine! Instead of a brief moment of blazing color, as usually marks sunrise or sunset, the entire day may be one long sunrise, even though the sun might never crest the horizon.


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